Yaki' the Zombie sitting amongst barrels of murgle slime with flying squids in the background

Why I’m Thankful in this Godforsaken Hellscape

There are a lot of crazy things I have to deal with here. Raging mutants. Rabid flying chipmunks. Bob’s terrible jokes. At the same time there’s a lot of good stuff here too. Here is why I’m thankful in this godforsaken hellscape. Tingles, Jingles, and Mingles Despite the daily challenges

The Secret to Loving What You Do

The Secret to Loving what You Do

Work can be tough and not always easy. That doesn’t mean you have to hate your job. We know that enjoying your work leads to better mental health and work prospects, so how do you make the most of your job? It’s easy if you know the secret to loving

Why Most People Hate Work

Why Most People Hate Work (and How to Fix It)

Have you ever thought about why most people hate work? Here’s a better question: why do you hate work? An even better question: how can you fix that? Why Most People Hate Work There are a lot of people who hate to work. It’s not that they hate work, it’s

Stop Procrastination

Want to Stop Procrastination? You Shouldn’t

We’re back! Woo hoo! Brains! Brains! This is terribly exciting! There are those that avoid working with a two headed zombie – particularly when one keeps interjecting with Brains! Brains! – (see – even Lan gets it) – but Yaki’ brought us back for another blog post on entitled… “Want

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