Yaki' the zombie running from a wide variety of post-apocalyptic creatures including a werebear, flying squid, scorpion-tailed horse, and more

Running from Problems

You know the best thing about being a zombie? Me either. I don’t really think about it. Most of the time I’m just avoiding this monster or that toxic spill. Often I find life is more about running from problems than living. Sorry… Undying. The Life of a Zombie Have

Focus on What You Do

Focus on What You Do

You forgot to do the dishes, take out the trash, eradicate your hovel of slime monsters, and put the scaresquid in the garden. Every time you think about it you feel defeated and demotivated. The solution: focus on what you do. Frozen Scarequids and Exploding Gourds If you’ve ever seen

Success Is for Everyone

Success Is for Everyone

I’ve seen a lot of things for as long as I’ve been around, both good and bad. I’ve also seen a lot of zombies do amazing things. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a zombie, it’s this: success is for everyone. If that’s true for zombies, it’s true

Keys to a Positive Mindset

3 Keys to a Positive Mindset

If you want to enjoy the good things that life can bring and not the toxic ooze that can eat away at your soul – and your best pair of sneakers – then take a look at these 3 keys to a positive mindset. They will make your days happier

positive framing effect examples

Positive Framing Effect Examples for Personal Success

If you are looking for positive framing effect examples or want to know what positive framing is or are wondering why this is on a page about zombies or are completely confused and are not even sure what year it is, I can help. To be clear, I can’t help

why goals are important

Why Goals Are Important

You ever find yourself being chased by rabid chipmunk/bat hybrids, thrown about by colossal, sentient swamp beasts, or threatened by a mutant horse with a scorpion tail? Oh! You’re here to hear why goals are important. Wrong subject. Or is it? (I’m trying to be coy, but as a zombie,

celebrate success

Celebrate Success (Even Waist Deep in Toxic Ooze)

It’s easy to find fault with ourselves and point out where we fail, but it’s more important to celebrate success when we do something great. I found this out the other day after finding myself stuck waist deep in a lake of toxic ooze. After all, I might have to

Why do you make fun things scary

Why Do You Make Fun Things Scary?

You have things you need to do, and it freaks you out. I get it, but maybe you’re looking at it wrong. Life is full of fun surprises. So why do you make the fun things scary? I mean it’s not like you’re being attacked by mutant vampire monks. Wooden

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