You Will Succeed

You Will Succeed

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a post-apocalyptic world it’s that you will succeed – even if you have to endure a bit of soul-sucking in the process. Soul-Sucking Squids If there’s one thing I’ve had to endure in life – err, undeath – it’s squids – soul-sucking, flying

Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

When you find yourself struggling, don’t give up. The thing that’s stopping you may not be what you think. The Value of Persistence Do you know how I built my hovel? One piece of irradiated, corrugated metal at a time. Do you know how I built my fence? Well… pretty

The abcs of zombie goals

The ABCs of Zombie Goals

If you are looking for how to change your life, then you want to know about Zombie Goals. If you are ready to learn more, then it’s time to understand the ABC’s of Zombie Goals. Learning From the Undead Zombie Goals is all about an awesome way to build daily

if I try, I'll fail

“If I Try, I’ll Fail”

If there is one thing that stops people undead in their tracks, it’s the thought “If I try, I’ll fail.” I get that feeling. I’ve felt that feeling. I still feel it often. Now let me tell you why it’s dead wrong. Reanimating My Anxiety I’m not 100 percent sure

Do you feel your dreams have died? Did you bury your goals long ago? Are your aspirations six feet under? Reanimate your dreams with Zombie Goals!

Build strong, powerful habits while having a blast. Become healthier, more skilled, and more creative simply by using the app that feels like a game.

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Show off your brains, and become a zombie today.

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