Pri' and Okl'n work together to move boxes.

Enjoying Fun Habits

Too often when people try to define a habit, they think of something that sucks. Do you want habits that suck or habits that are fun? It’s time to start enjoying fun habits! All the Things that Suck You know what sucks? Squid tentacles. And that weird creature at the

Yaki' the zombie in the graveyard running from a scorse (scorpion-tailed horse).

Fun Ways to Be Active Before Certain Death

So you want to be more active, but you don’t really like the thought. Plus, if you’re anything like the rest of the people in this godforsaken version of earth, you are pretty sure death is around the corner – in the tail of a scorpion-tailed horse (scorse), from toxic

Okl'n the zombie at the typewriter raising his hands in triumph

Building Habits Is Easy Streaking Fun™

So you want to build good habits, but it just seems so overwhelming. There are all the rules and restrictions… right? I hate to break it to you, but building habits is easy streaking fun™. The Drudgery of Building New Habits Building new habits sucks, right? I mean all that

Okl'n the Zombie cheering as he runs past DoC, Bur'lona, Pri' and Bob

You Can Do It! Yes, You!

It’s amazing how many zombies I run into that simply don’t feel capable. Sure, some of them aren’t even fully aware they’re awake, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do what they need to do. If you’re like one of those zombies feeling like you can never build strong habits,

Yaki' the zombie playing ball with a flying squid

Stop Making it Difficult

When it come to building strong habits, I say the same thing I say when I’m talking to a flying squid who’s smacking me with her tentacles when I’m trying to work: stop making it difficult. Habits and Airborne Tentacles There aren’t a lot of things that habits and flying

Zombie hands in a graveyard holding an iPhone in landscape with the Zombie Goals app open on it

How Does Zombie Goals Work?

You may have seen our Zombie Goals sneak peek and now you want to build strong habits just like you’re playing a game. You may be asking how does Zombie Goals work? I’m so glad you asked. Particularly if someone like Bob asked, he wouldn’t really listen, and I’d have

A shirtless Burb'lan walking proud of himself as he's partially obscured from view by barrels as Yaki' and Cha'ana look on, mouths agape.

The Best Part of Streaking

Successful people have found that the best way to be successful is to have easy, streaking fun. What you may not know is the best part of streaking. Luckily I know and I’m excited to put it all out there for you. It’s the Streaking Most people don’t understand the

3 Biggest Benefits to Having Fun at Work

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Having Fun at Work

We know why fun at work matters, but have you ever wanted to know what the benefits are? You’re in luck! Here are the 3 biggest benefits of having fun at work. Better Prospects The third most important benefit of having fun at work is that your work prospects become

Why Fun at Work Matters

Why Fun at Work Matters

You may be asking why fun at work matters. You may also ask why I have a squid on my head. It’s a funny story.  Not for me, but for the squid. Squid at Work I found out something interesting today. Flying squids actually do what they do for work.

Employees that Stand Out

Employees that Stand Out Do this One Thing

There are a lot of things that make a zombie employer take notice of an employee: consistent attendance to team-building chases; quality “brain” grunts; the occasional arm falling off. More than anything employees that stand out do this one thing, and it surprisingly has little to do with work. Bob

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