Ok'ln the zombie in a graveyard, running for his undeath from a flying squid

The Key to Success when You Feel Overwhelmed

For most of us, we sometimes find it’s easy to get things done and sometimes it’s challenging particularly when it seems like there’s so much to do. Luckily we’ve discovered the key to success when you feel overwhelmed. Flying Squids and Motivation Have you ever tried to outrun a flying

Yaki' the zombie running from a wide variety of post-apocalyptic creatures including a werebear, flying squid, scorpion-tailed horse, and more

Running from Problems

You know the best thing about being a zombie? Me either. I don’t really think about it. Most of the time I’m just avoiding this monster or that toxic spill. Often I find life is more about running from problems than living. Sorry… Undying. The Life of a Zombie Have

I Had a Bad Day Today

I Had a Bad Day Today; Here’s How I Survived

I had a bad day today. It was tough. I wasn’t sure how I would get out on the other side. Here’s how I survived. No Stranger to Bad Days I’ve been dropped by a flying squid into a toxic lake. I’ve been chased by reanimated driftwood, accosted by mutant

Focus on What You Do

Focus on What You Do

You forgot to do the dishes, take out the trash, eradicate your hovel of slime monsters, and put the scaresquid in the garden. Every time you think about it you feel defeated and demotivated. The solution: focus on what you do. Frozen Scarequids and Exploding Gourds If you’ve ever seen

what if I fail

What if I Fail (Spoiler: You Can’t)

If you’re just like me you’re always thinking about brains. Okay… so you’re maybe not just like me, but if you’re anything like me, you often ask yourself “what if I fail?” I have a spoiler for you: you can’t. Here’s why. Okl’n the Newb Zombies have a bit of

The abcs of zombie goals

The ABCs of Zombie Goals

If you are looking for how to change your life, then you want to know about Zombie Goals. If you are ready to learn more, then it’s time to understand the ABC’s of Zombie Goals. Learning From the Undead Zombie Goals is all about an awesome way to build daily

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