Just Take a Step

Just Take a Step

Sometimes, when you’re stuck between a werebear, and a giant chasm, it’s hard to move forward. At times like these, the best thing to do is just take a step. Why I Hate Bunnies Okay, I know it seems like this post just took a hard right turn. Here I

Stop Procrastination

Want to Stop Procrastination? You Shouldn’t

We’re back! Woo hoo! Brains! Brains! This is terribly exciting! There are those that avoid working with a two headed zombie – particularly when one keeps interjecting with Brains! Brains! – (see – even Lan gets it) – but Yaki’ brought us back for another blog post on entitled… “Want

paralyzed by fear

Paralyzed by Fear (and How to Unfreeze)

The other day I came across Okl’n who was paralyzed by fear. More accurately, he had been frozen by a frost monster, but you get the point. It made me think about how fear can stop us in our tracks, and, more importantly, how we can unfreeze. The Fix for

the formation of good habits

The Formation of Good Habits

If you want to build good habits it may be a lot of easier than you think. What’s more, the formation of good habits typically follows a pattern. If you want to know more, you could just ask Cha’ana. The other day Cha’ana asked me how to make one of

Stop trying to slay Goliath

Stop Trying to Slay Goliath

If there’s one thing that I see people trying way too often, it’s slaying98 Goliath. I have to tell them “Stop trying to slay Goliath!” It’s mainly because he can’t be killed. David and Goliath I’m sure you’ve heard the story about David and Goliath. One day two swamp masses

Fear of Failing Is Causing You to Miss Out

Fear of Failing Is Causing You to Miss Out

If you’ve ever avoided making a mud sludge topiary because you’re afraid of failing, let me tell you, fear of failing is causing you to miss out. I should know. It’s the second time I had to say this! The Trans-Dimensional Cloud Ate My Homework So there is evidently some

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