Building Habits Is Easy Streaking Fun™

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Okl'n the zombie at the typewriter raising his hands in triumph

So you want to build good habits, but it just seems so overwhelming. There are all the rules and restrictions… right? I hate to break it to you, but building habits is easy streaking fun™.

The Drudgery of Building New Habits

Building new habits sucks, right? I mean all that stuff you have to do… like finding 60 seconds a day to do it. Who has time for that?

And having fun doing it.. what kind of squid-loving mutant would like that? Ugh. And don’t get me started on having fun with it every day.

Wow! Habits suck.

Whoops! It looks like my zombie brain took over and went a little crazy. This doesn’t sound like me at all. I love building habits! Why? Because building habits is easy streaking fun™!

(Btw, DoC makes us put the little “TM” every time we say that. She’s kind of weird about stuff like that. Anyway… back to the fun!)

Why Building Habits Is Easy Streaking Fun™

We often think of habits in scary terms. We have to spend 30 minutes a day working out or sit down and write for hours, but that’s not really how most people build habits. It’s definitely not how zombies do it.

The problem is that zombies are easily frightened, and thinking of doing all that work is as frightening as a scorpion-tailed, three-headed horse. That’s why DoC came up with easy, streaking fun™. It’s the way to build habits through proven psychological techniques:

  • Make It Easy: Most people want good habits but avoid them because they think they require so much time. Instead, the better thing to do is to make it easy. Don’t think about writing a chapter; think about writing a sentence. Don’t think about running three miles; think about running for one minute.
  • Keep the Streak Alive: The trick is that making it easy means you do it. Then you make sure and do it every day. Making it part of your routine builds the habit.
  • Add Fun: When you listen to music while you do it, give yourself rewards, or make it into a game, you build excitement for the habit.

That’s why building habits is easy streaking fun™: you do it because it’s easy, build streaks that build the habit, and keep doing it because it’s fun. Then, as the habit becomes a part of you, you build a habit-building superpower that grows bigger and stronger.

Do you want to have powerful, strong habits? Then make them easy streaking fun™. It’s the easy way to build strong habits.

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