Building a Good Habit – How to Get Tasks Done Easily

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Pri' the zombie chasing a flying squid

We often feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks. We forget that building a good habit is opting for baby steps each day until we achieve our main goal. 

Pri’ faced this problem. She had trouble managing her fierce strength throughout work and home.

Building a Good Habit

Building habits can be quite intimidating. You might have noticed that we often get frustrated, annoyed, scared, or bored when we think about building habits. Building good habits is not associated with the person’s capability. Rather, it’s linked with consistency, dedication, and effort.

The main goal in building habits is to make the work enjoyable rather than a hectic task that ruins your productivity. What if I told you it’s because we think about building good habits the wrong way? When we work, we care more about the quantity of work rather than appreciating ourselves for the little effort we put in.

Building Good Habits: Bringing the Change

Zombies are like humans, with similar struggles. Pri’ also faced one of these challenges. 

Pri’ feels it her duty to save the zombies from the flying squids — one of the most annoying mutations of the post-apocalyptic world they live in.

Pri’ is quite successful at her goal. Her dedication is evident as no flying squid has accosted any of the zombies on her watch.

However, just like us humans Pri’ couldn’t focus on her hovel as much as she did her efforts to help other zombies. She felt defeated by the look of her dirty dishes and laundry whenever she arrived at her place at the end of a hard day of squid squelching.

Try as she might; she didn’t have the energy or drives to be as productive at home as at work. That is until she found the secrets of building good habits.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by the Task 

Pri’ lacked the motivation to clean her hovel. There are a few reasons, but one that was underscoring this problem: she was investing so much of her energy into her volunteer work.

She was so careless about her private life because she prioritized her work and, as a result, was less interested in her house chores. At the end of the day, she was so tired that she didn’t want to do more work.

It could also be that she is looking at this the wrong way. The clue was that she was procrastinating. The task is not that big; however, her planning for the task is so overwhelming that it makes it more intense for her.

Take Baby Steps to Reach Your Goal

Pri’ finally found the solution by realizing she did not have to do all the dishes at once. She could just do a single plate; a single plate is easy. It was so much easier for her to gather the motivation to wash a single plate.

Here is when something exciting happened; as she was about to walk back to the couch, she realized that she could do a second plate. Before she knew it, she was already onto the third plate.

Don’t Be Intimidated by the Task

Often what stops us is not the task but the fear of the task. We make it so big that it is hard to feel capable and definitely not enticing.

After realizing the power of her approach, Pri’ decided to make the task small enough so that it was no problem. When she started taking baby steps, she realized that each task seemed manageable and much easier than before.

Habits Make You Enjoy Tasks

Pri’ now appreciates doing her dishes, putting on music to move to while she washes. Building good habits is tied in with keeping things short and consistent. Trying to do too much all at once can feel overwhelming.

At the end of the day, Pri’ was enjoying the tasks, and her hovel started looking better than before.

Are You Ready to Build a Good Habit?

Fear of tasks leads to procrastination. Breaking the tasks down into a manageable size removes the fear and lets us get the tasks done successfully and enjoyably.

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