Have Fun in Life

Have Fun in Life

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Are you living? Must be nice. Some of us… not so much. So don’t waste it being bored. Have fun in Life. My Big Spiel So, here’s my big spiel. It’s a bit on the dark side. Honestly, it just goes around in a big circle

The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living…errr… Unliving

Don’t forget to soak in the joy of living… even if you’re not. Living that is. Undead and Unencumbered I’ve been undead a long time – long enough I don’t have any real idea how long. Regardless, I do know what some parts of living are like. Sometimes life has

The Importance of Simplicity

The Importance of Simplicity

As difficult as it is being a zombie, it’s definitely shown me the importance of simplicity. That and how to avoid goats – those freaky things. The Challenges of Being a Zombie Being a zombie can be challenging. There are always things to shamble away from, there’s only one item

Single Choice vs Multiple Choice

Single Choice vs Multiple Choice

If there was ever a test that threw me off in zombie school, it was multiple choice. I remember the test quite clearly “Who has the most delicious brains?” Then it listed 25 options. This may be why I like single choice vs multiple choice questions. A Terrible Class First

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Daily Routine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Daily Routine

I’ve often been asked about my daily routine. It’s pretty cool. I’m very happy with it, but there are some downsides to having one too. It may be easiest just to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a daily routine. Introducing Pri’ Before I continue, it’s probably worth introducing

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