A silhouette of Okl'n the zombie

Are You Ready to Meet Another Zombie?

It’s been almost three months since we asked you if you were ready to meet a zombie and introduced you to Pri’. Are you ready to meet another zombie? Get ready to meet Okl’n. A Quick Rehash When we introduced Pri’ we explained how the technology that was developed to

The silhouette of some major machine

Your Dreams Aren’t Dead; They’re Just Resting

A lot of people give up on their dreams. There may be a lot of reasons, but what it really boils down to is they think their dreams are dead. If this is you, let me reassure you: your dreams aren’t dead; they’re just resting. The Catastrophic Event I live

Yaki' the zombie in DoC's lab surrounded by murgle slime barrels and assorted boxes

Brains for Thought: an Exceptional Exchange

If you’re looking to boost your brain bucket, then it’s time to check out Brains for Thought for an exceptional exchange. Short Thoughts – About All I Can Spare Sure, I write a lot, but that’s only because people love me and live to hear my words of wisdom and

Okl'n the zombie with a Jack-o-Lantern head standing in a graveyard

Enjoy a Halloween with all Treats, no Tricks

So You want to have a fun and exciting Halloween. You want it to be memorable, but you also want to feel like things are going your way afterward. Here’s how to enjoy a Halloween with all treats, no tricks. A Fun Night, A Day of Regret So, how does

Pri' the zombie with her finger inquisitively at her lips as she stands in a graveyard

Why Should I Use Zombie Goals?

So you want to change your life, but you’re not sure if Zombie Goals will help. You’re asking yourself, “Why Should I Use Zombie Goals?” The fact that you ask means that you should. Here’s why. Something’s Wrong Let me guess: you want to change your habits but you don’t

Do you feel your dreams have died? Did you bury your goals long ago? Are your aspirations six feet under? Reanimate your dreams with Zombie Goals!

Build strong, powerful habits while having a blast. Become healthier, more skilled, and more creative simply by using the app that feels like a game.

Sign up for limited in-game offers, members-only details on upcoming enhancements, and exclusive welcome gifts. The best part is, it’s free!

Show off your brains, and become a zombie today.

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