if I try, I'll fail

“If I Try, I’ll Fail”

If there is one thing that stops people undead in their tracks, it’s the thought “If I try, I’ll fail.” I get that feeling. I’ve felt that feeling. I still feel it often. Now let me tell you why it’s dead wrong. Reanimating My Anxiety I’m not 100 percent sure

do less to do more

Do Less to Do More

Are you swarmed by all the tasks you need to do? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a big project, nearly frozen in place with fear? There’s a simple solution: do less to do more. Zombie Habits I don’t mean to brag, but I’m known as a habit guru. Anytime

myth people are born successful

Myth: People Are Born Successful

If there is one thing that throws people off from making their dreams come true it’s this myth: people are born successful. Here’s why that’s not true and how anyone can become successful. She’s Born with It In the nineties the cosmetics line Maybelline created the iconic tagline “Maybe she’s

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