How to Create Good Personal Habits

How to Create Good Personal Habits

Do you want to how to create good personal habits? It’s easy enough even a zombie could do it… if you know the secret. The Value of Good Personal Habits It doesn’t take long to find the zombies who have good personal habits and those who don’t. Zombies with good

paralyzed by fear

Paralyzed by Fear (and How to Unfreeze)

The other day I came across Okl’n who was paralyzed by fear. More accurately, he had been frozen by a frost monster, but you get the point. It made me think about how fear can stop us in our tracks, and, more importantly, how we can unfreeze. The Fix for

the formation of good habits

The Formation of Good Habits

If you want to build good habits it may be a lot of easier than you think. What’s more, the formation of good habits typically follows a pattern. If you want to know more, you could just ask Cha’ana. The other day Cha’ana asked me how to make one of

why goals are important

Why Goals Are Important

You ever find yourself being chased by rabid chipmunk/bat hybrids, thrown about by colossal, sentient swamp beasts, or threatened by a mutant horse with a scorpion tail? Oh! You’re here to hear why goals are important. Wrong subject. Or is it? (I’m trying to be coy, but as a zombie,

The abcs of zombie goals

The ABCs of Zombie Goals

If you are looking for how to change your life, then you want to know about Zombie Goals. If you are ready to learn more, then it’s time to understand the ABC’s of Zombie Goals. Learning From the Undead Zombie Goals is all about an awesome way to build daily

Do you feel your dreams have died? Did you bury your goals long ago? Are your aspirations six feet under? Reanimate your dreams with Zombie Goals!

Build strong, powerful habits while having a blast. Become healthier, more skilled, and more creative simply by using the app that feels like a game.

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