Success Is for Everyone

Success Is for Everyone

I’ve seen a lot of things for as long as I’ve been around, both good and bad. I’ve also seen a lot of zombies do amazing things. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a zombie, it’s this: success is for everyone. If that’s true for zombies, it’s true

Fun Drives Success

Fun Drives Success

You know why no one has ever made a business that smashes your fingers with rocks for money? Because it’s not fun. After all, fun drives success. We like to enjoy what we do. If you want to be successful, it’s worth knowing that fun drives success and the three

Intelligence and Success

Intelligence and Success (and What You really Need)

So you’re super smart? That’s cool, but without this one other thing, it’s all meaningless. If you’re wanting to know the link between intelligence and success, just ask Chi’co and C’ubs. Two Peas in a Reanimation Pod Chi’co and C’ubs are pretty much inseparable. Although they ended their lives blast

Need Something Exciting to Do

Need Something Exciting to Do?

Do you need something exciting to do today? I have good news. There’s an easy way to find something exciting to do and make the most of it. Excitement without all The Poison There are some zombies around here that are excitement junkies. They will do whatever it takes to

The Difference between Passion and Talent

The Difference Between Passion and Talent

When Pri’ was first reanimated, she struggled to be energized by most things. It wasn’t until she discovered the difference between passion and talent that she began to embrace her new life. It wasn’t until she found a special third ingredient that she made her life amazing. Understanding Passion When

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