Self Improvement One Day At a Time

Self Improvement One Day at a Time

If you want to improve your life, or in my case your undeath, the best approach is simple: self improvement one day at a time. Daily Brains I love my Apo* Watch. It tracks my brains. Just to be clear, everything is “brains” with zombies. Whenever we open our mouths,

happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve

It’s been a crazy year. That’s pretty much because every year here with toxic lakes, gopher-birds, vampire monks, and scorpion horses is a crazy year. Hopefully the year in your dimension has been a positive one free of any worldwide catastrophes or radical groups. More importantly, from us here on

celebrate success

Celebrate Success (Even Waist Deep in Toxic Ooze)

It’s easy to find fault with ourselves and point out where we fail, but it’s more important to celebrate success when we do something great. I found this out the other day after finding myself stuck waist deep in a lake of toxic ooze. After all, I might have to

Change Chores into Fun Activities

Change Chores into Fun Activities

So you have to get things done: bring in the trash (to decorate the house), distract a few mutant creatures, and repair your anti-rabid beaver wall before the bird-beaked hybrid mutants make their way back again. Bo-ring! But it doesn’t have to be when you change chores into fun activities.

daily habits to improve life

Daily Habits to Improve Life (with Bite Sized Chunks)

So you want to have a fun, exciting, more fulfilling existence and not be some dried out husk of a person. Well, as a dried out husk of a person, I can tell you how to make daily habits to improve life with bite-sized chunks. And I should know. I’ve