Key to Motivation

The Key to Motivation

The key to motivation is simple, especially if you’re running away from a giant armadillo. Armadillos, Motivation, and Drive I don’t know what armadillos look like in your reality, but in ours, they look like a bloated, armor-plated rat. And they are about 6-feet tall. They aren’t easy to find,

Having too Many Choices Is a Bad Thing

Having Too Many Choices Is a Bad Thing

If you have ever struggled with a decision between being chased by lumbering mutants, stung by scorses, dropped from perilous heights by flying squids or being experimented on by mad scientists, you know that having too many choices is a bad thing. There’s a way to make it much, much

Focus on What You Do

Focus on What You Do

You forgot to do the dishes, take out the trash, eradicate your hovel of slime monsters, and put the scaresquid in the garden. Every time you think about it you feel defeated and demotivated. The solution: focus on what you do. Frozen Scarequids and Exploding Gourds If you’ve ever seen

How to Create Systems Instead of Goals

How to Create Systems Instead of Goals

Have you ever set a goal you just didn’t meet? Have you ever surprised yourself by accomplishing something amazing without thinking about it? It’s all about what we focus on. Here’s how to create systems instead of goals. The Unexpected Invention of Zombie Paste We have a lot of mad

Difficulty in Decision Making

Overcoming Difficulty in Decision Making

If you’ve ever struggled with difficulty in decision making, you’re not alone. I often wonder if I should stumble about arms outstretched, stumble with my arms to my side, avoid stumbling entirely, or employ a variety of half a dozen other ideas. Then I came across one secret that cleared

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