Why Most People Hate Work

Why Most People Hate Work (and How to Fix It)

Have you ever thought about why most people hate work? Here’s a better question: why do you hate work? An even better question: how can you fix that? Why Most People Hate Work There are a lot of people who hate to work. It’s not that they hate work, it’s

You Will Succeed

You Will Succeed

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a post-apocalyptic world it’s that you will succeed – even if you have to endure a bit of soul-sucking in the process. Soul-Sucking Squids If there’s one thing I’ve had to endure in life – err, undeath – it’s squids – soul-sucking, flying

You Can Do It

You Can Do It

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes you’re unexpectedly stuck in traffic and late to work. Sometimes you’re trying to get important tasks done and get constantly interrupted. Sometimes you’re being chased by angry, post-apocalyptic scorpion-tailed creatures and you find yourself stopped by a mutant eel-infested toxic river. Whatever the situation I

Have Fun in Life

Have Fun in Life

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Are you living? Must be nice. Some of us… not so much. So don’t waste it being bored. Have fun in Life. My Big Spiel So, here’s my big spiel. It’s a bit on the dark side. Honestly, it just goes around in a big circle

The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living…errr… Unliving

Don’t forget to soak in the joy of living… even if you’re not. Living that is. Undead and Unencumbered I’ve been undead a long time – long enough I don’t have any real idea how long. Regardless, I do know what some parts of living are like. Sometimes life has

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