The Secret to Loving What You Do

The Secret to Loving what You Do

Work can be tough and not always easy. That doesn’t mean you have to hate your job. We know that enjoying your work leads to better mental health and work prospects, so how do you make the most of your job? It’s easy if you know the secret to loving

3 Biggest Benefits to Having Fun at Work

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Having Fun at Work

We know why fun at work matters, but have you ever wanted to know what the benefits are? You’re in luck! Here are the 3 biggest benefits of having fun at work. Better Prospects The third most important benefit of having fun at work is that your work prospects become

Why Fun at Work Matters

Why Fun at Work Matters

You may be asking why fun at work matters. You may also ask why I have a squid on my head. It’s a funny story.  Not for me, but for the squid. Squid at Work I found out something interesting today. Flying squids actually do what they do for work.

Employees that Stand Out

Employees that Stand Out Do this One Thing

There are a lot of things that make a zombie employer take notice of an employee: consistent attendance to team-building chases; quality “brain” grunts; the occasional arm falling off. More than anything employees that stand out do this one thing, and it surprisingly has little to do with work. Bob

Why Most People Hate Work

Why Most People Hate Work (and How to Fix It)

Have you ever thought about why most people hate work? Here’s a better question: why do you hate work? An even better question: how can you fix that? Why Most People Hate Work There are a lot of people who hate to work. It’s not that they hate work, it’s