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What Are Bad Habits and How to Eliminate Them

Analyzing our habits can be an overwhelming task. Recognizing our habits and categorizing them as bad or good is a constant battle. Most of us often struggle with the exact definition of bad habits. We sometimes can’t understand our habits because we don’t understand how impact affect our life. Pri’

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What Are Good Habits?

We all have habits. We often lump habits into two groups: bad ones and good ones. Well, what are good habits? Good habits make our lives better, along with the lives of those around us. Okl’n was eager to build  good habits as well. He wanted to eliminate the bad

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Building a Good Habit – How to Get Tasks Done Easily

We often feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks. We forget that building a good habit is opting for baby steps each day until we achieve our main goal.  Pri’ faced this problem. She had trouble managing her fierce strength throughout work and home. Building a Good Habit Building habits can

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How Habits are Formed in the Brain

Habits have a significant impact on our lives, whether good or bad. To better understand how to improve our lives, it is crucial to know how habits are formed in the brain. It’s a lot like Okl’n when he had trouble making guitar playing a habit. Habits Are Not Formed

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What Happens When You Take Control of Your Life?

What happens when you take control of your life? Like most of us zombies, Okl’n only recently discovered what it feels like to have control.  The barriers we purposely to set for ourselves are the ones that hurt us the most in the long run. This is what happened with