Are You Ready to Meet a Zombie?

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A Silhouette of Pri' the zombie

So we’ve been talking zombies for awhile. In fact, you’ve seen a lot of two-dimensional renditions of zombies. But are you ready to meet a zombie for real?

A Little Post-Apocalyptic Primer

For those that may be new, you’ll need a little background into our world. For those that have been around, there will still be some brand new nuggets for you.

See, we live on earth… just a different version of it. Some crazy trans-dimensional bridge has popped up providing a weak link between our two worlds: the world you know, and our world, a version of earth after a global apocalypse.

Of course in our world, we also have fallout, toxic water supplies, mutant animals, and lots of zombies. Additionally, our mad scientists like to make more zombies.

One of those “newbie” zombies as we call them, is someone you’re about to meet. Are you ready to meet a zombie?

Say Hello to Pri’

Sadly, when the apocalyptic event happened, our world was forever altered as was our memories. Those who were transformed into zombies forgot what life was like before, and those who didn’t would eventually forget as well.

Which led to a difficult situation where, as we started becoming more self aware again, we didn’t know what to call each other. Luckily, someone from the previous world must have realized this as they left giant name tags for each zombie. Here Pri’ is with her name tag:

Pri’ the zombie with a road sign from Paris that has been eaten away to look like it says "Pri'"

Well, this, of course, is an artist’s rendering. You came here to see a zombie, here’s how that can happen.

Trans-Dimensional Improvements

See, this trans-dimensional bridge provides only some weird semi-electric connection where we can send information, but our mad scientists are working on something to make use of that bridge to benefit both our worlds. 

As they have been working to understand the trans-dimensional anomaly and improve our ability to communicate, they have been able to increase the quality of the signal they have been able to send. In fact, they have been creating an unstoppable streak of progress that has lead to some good news!

In short, where we’ve been pretty limited between text and images we’ve been able to transmit across this connection, they’ve been expanding our capabilities to soon include videos that I will be transmitting later this year, as well as higher quality versions of the videos we can send.

Although the feed gets a bit scrambled, making us look a lot more cartoonish, they’ve been working feverishly to make the signal cleaner and cleaner. And now, it’s clean enough to see a zombie.

Are you Ready to Meet a Zombie?

Are you ready, because it’s time to see a zombie. Here’s Pri’ from artist rendering, to clearer rendering, to video at various stages of the process. Are you ready to meet a zombie? Then meet Pri’

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