Altering the Temporal Gateway

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Yaki' the zombie looking into a purple-ringed temporal gateway

Our team (in both dimensions) is having a blast giving you rock solid advice on building strong habits through videos, blog posts, emails, and more. But now as we are getting closer to beta and, as the energy requirements are increasing for the Zombie Goals app, we’re going to be altering the temporal gateway.

So Much Power

I’m having a blast sending you emails, writing blog posts, and working on videos. It’s a real kick in the pants to share my ideas across dimensions from our version of earth to yours.

Unfortunately, sending the info over the trans-dimensional gateway isn’t simple. Keeping the link open requires a huge amount of power. DoC’s had to create an enhanced power grid in her lab just for this purpose.

This does a great job of letting us send information back and forth any time. Unfortunately, DoC’s building up the infrastructure for the Zombie Goals app and that requires its own decent supply of power. As we are preparing for beta later this year, our requirements will also grow.

This will require us to segment our power supply. That means we will have to decrease our data transmissions so we can keep our app schedule until we are able to enhance the grid. And so we’re altering the temporal gateway. Here’s what that means for you.

Schedule Changes

We’ve been providing lots of wonderful information (like a Sneak Peek of DoC’s Lab Part 1 and Part 2 and how long it takes to build a habit) through a slew of blog posts, videos, emails, and social media posts. To keep our power requirements from redlining, we’re going to have to change a couple of those.

Instead of providing new posts and emails each week, we will be sharing those every other week and moving from Tuesdays to Wednesdays to better fit with the weekly power needs of the lab.

We will still be doing a video once a month, and will continue to provide excellent information most days across social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as those require much less power.

We hope that these small changes from altering the temporal gateway will be offset with the excitement of our beta later this year. Add more excitement and get great content right in your inbox with the chance to participate in the beta by signing up to be an honorary zombie. It’s free!

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